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The photoetch parts are very delicate, and accentuate the appearance of this kit. However, they are so delicate that you will need very fine needle tip tweezers, and very gentle handling and folding.

USS Nightmare has quite the story built up behind their attraction, and they tell you a lot of it if reviews you so choose to pay attention. Pay close attention to your GPS as you get closer to USS Nightmare.


One day, the boat broke free from its resting place on the Ohio River, crashing into multiple bridges and killing many crew members along the way. Once you near the ticket booth, there are several overhead lights to illuminate the area, and multiple signs to give you information about the haunt and which line to enter to get your tickets. Once tickets have been purchased, additional signs are in place to help you enter the correct line before boarding the ship. We also do our best to be fair and consistent across all of the haunts that we review. We know that you’ll be looking at these scores and comparing them to other attractions, so we hope this review helps you out in that aspect. High Society sprinkles a little bit of everything nice into their boards and the USS HS 2 has more than ever before with its increased stability and control. The company did a good job covering all the SUP basics in their all-around boards, the only thing missing is a few extra grab handles.

  • After the superstructures were painted with 5-H and added to the hull, I used the Painting & Markings illustration from the kit to paint 5-O splotches by hand.
  • The most enjoyable part of the job is they give awards to well deserved employees and the work enviroment was great.
  • I use a piece of double-sided tape to attach all the small parts for painting.
  • It meant things we were supposed to see on the way to Pearl Harbor was squeezed in on the way back.
  • Talk of scrapping the ship began as early as 1830, but she was saved by a public campaign sparked by Oliver Wendell Holmes’s poem "Old Ironsides." She underwent a major restoration in the early 1990s.
  • Either 20mm guns or small rangefinders were carried in these tubs, depending on the time period.

They also offer Fast Pass, Front of the Line, and Captain’s Season passes. As mentioned above, this review is based on the RIP Fast Pass Experience that we endured on a Friday night and, as of this writing, those tickets are $49.00 each. As we neared the finale of the attraction we were ready for an attack. A chainsaw-wielding brute and another with a weapon pounced at us!

Review: Uss Constitution

A memorial on San Diego’s waterfront next to the carrier Midway is the only vestige left of this uss express review sea trooper. Our tour guides were great, very knowledgeable and explained everything very well.

uss guide review

I chose the waterline option, mostly because all my other ships are waterline. Besides, ships were seldom seen with their bottoms showing, and when they were, they were not a pristine hull red color – they were heavily stained, weathered and full of seaweed and barnacles . This makes showing the full hull either unrealistic or messy, another good reason to stick to the waterline version. Parts were few , cleanup was minimal and fit was good. Minor seams are seen around the armor belt on the hull, and one deck seam near the bridge is not too bad.

Uss Vermont Review Gameplay Guide

They do a little city tour, which is ok but they dont stop for pictures or anything. In my opinion, they should devote the whole tour to Pearl Harbor.

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The Painting & Marking guide showed liferafts under the bridge gun tubs, and on turrets A, B, E and wings. In other words, I had three choices so far, neither of which was confirmed for the time period depicted by the model. Fortunately, the Warship Perspectives book had many good pictures of San Diego’s sister ship, the San Juan, during the same 1942 time period as this model depicts for the San Diego. Clearly, liferafts were under the bridge gun tubs, and also on all centerline turrets, but not the wing turrets or around the boat deck. So I assumed that fit was probably what San Diego had too. Unfortunately, I ran out of painted liferafts, so I left them off turrets D and F.


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