Beranda logistics company 5 Top Skills Employers Look For In New Hires

5 Top Skills Employers Look For In New Hires


Give examples in your work history — or if you’re a new college grad, examples from your labs, seminars and coursework — that demonstrate successful teamwork and partnerships. Attention to detail — Mistakes are expensive to businesses in terms of time and money. Repeat common words and phrases from other postings of the same role, too. Tailor the keywords and skills on your resume and in your cover letter for each position. Click on the links below to skip to the resume writing tips that interest you most. Or start from the top and read through to the end for a comprehensive review of the job skills for a resume any professional should consider. Rounding out the top three attributes employers are seeking on student resumes this year are analytical/quantitative skills and the ability to work as part of a team.

top skills employers look for

As we discuss below, you want to demonstrate you’re a results-driven professional. In today’s workforce, where any role may require you to wear multiple hats on any given day, employers will want to see that you’re capable of properly managing your time.

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These can be referred to as being more important because they cannot be taught on the job as easy as hard skills are. For example, there is no training to teach you how to reviews have a work ethic. Therefore, soft skills are highly valued when it comes to hiring an entry-level employee! The hard skills you need for a job will depend on what field.

  • Time management — Whatever role you’re seeking, time management is a prime skill to include on your resume.
  • Are you able to work effectively with other team members, online and offline?
  • You can develop the emotional intelligence and self-awareness you need to connect with a hiring team.
  • Blockchain is a growing field and one of the top skills to learn in 2022.
  • Employers expect that you can work effectively in a group, and understand how your individual behavior impacts others.

Always be you – but just maybe a version of you that can work well as part of a team. OK, this one’s a little more difficult, because soft skills are essentially unteachable – or, at least, are behaviours that you learn over time. Have personal management skills including self-esteem, goal setting and motivation, and personal and career development skills. Employers expect that you can work effectively in a group, and understand how your individual behavior impacts others. You should have skills to negotiate, resolve conflict, and build positive working relationships with others in a group setting. Group effectiveness includes the ability to work comfortably in a multicultural environment with co-workers from different backgrounds.


Advocates see it as a secure, decentralized, and cost- and time-efficient way to transparently track shipments and transactions of all kinds. Skeptics, and there are many, raise concerns about the lack of standardized protocols, scalability, and excessive energy use . Earn twice as many interviews with a professional resume rewrite.

top skills employers look for

Your resume could feel like it’s missing something without having as much experience. That’s why transferable skills can be very helpful during a career change. At some point in your career, you may feel stagnant in your job and need a change. Shifting from one field to another in your life is common and can be a very successful endeavor. However, applying for positions in a new field can be intimidating.


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